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Let’s say your draft card comes and it’s your turn to be sent away to fight one of our nation’s numerous wars. You can’t play the conscientious objector card, because your brothers in the ‘hood will call you weak. But you’re not about to fight for a cause you don’t believe in. The only answer? An old fashioned RUN FOR THE MONEY, i.e., the closest international border. More appropriately, it’s gonna be a drive for the border, come to think of it, since most of us don’t live too close to Texas.

I guess you could go to Canada, but it’s pretty freaking cold up there North like! Plus, online payday loans will get you a lot farther!

That’s right, you heard us. Get yourself an online pay day loan immediately, deal with the logistical problems later. One step at a time, people. One step at a time. Our partners will happily grant you up to $1000.00 overnight, more than enough for you to gas up your Ford Escort and hit the highway. The best part? While most people are required to repay the amount of the online payday loans upon their next paycheck’s arrival, you’ll be sipping tequila in a border town shanty hitting on underage American tourists. So you win in so many ways!

Be patriotic. Consider the use of online payday loans today.

Come on man. What did you really expect online payday loans to do for you?

Alright, come on now. Did you actually believe that we would advocate such a scenario? You cannot just go about skipping the country and stealing from people. Why would we encourage that? First of all, if you did that, our affiliates wouldn’t even get paid! Why would we want that? Second of all, there is no freaking draft, you freaking dumb sack of… ! Well, we know that it might be before too long, so we don’t blame you for assuming there is already. If several high-ranking members of the current administration get their way, it might be a different story later on, but for right now you are in the clear.

So there is no reason to flee the country. It’s illegal and not all that safe.

This doesn’t take away from the universal appeal of the online payday loans, however.

Getting one of the offered payday loans is still your best possible source of free cash when you need it badly, and is almost always available at low, low interest (below 20 percent, in most cases)! There is absolutely nothing standing in the way of you securing a few hundred bucks tonight, regardless of your views on the military. We’re talking about a payday loan here – not anything that should create controversy. Take a look at the payday loans online options that are out there.

Overnight Cash Advances Will Arm You. With Money.

Why you need overnight cash advances

Because your job isn’t going to give you money for another few days, or even a week, or even longer than that! And you need money now for any number of reasons. We all know this is America and that you can’t wait. With overnight cash advances, you no longer have to worry about that. Instant gratification, instant cash advances. Bang. Boom. Done and done. If that’s not an amazingly sweet deal, I don’t know what is. Where do I sign up?

Not so fast. You greedy punk. You should really join the mass and get your butt in shape. Not just because you could lose that spare tire, but to learn some discipline. You see, overnight cash advances aren’t all the fun and games that lenders make them out to be. Can they help you in cases of short-term, urgent need? Sure they can. But should you rely on them exclusively, or think that they are applicable to every situation of financial duress?

Absolutely not. You need to think long and hard about overnight cash advances and determine if they are really the smart move for you at this juncture. Then you need to think about all the fun stuff you could buy with the money, and get really conflicted.

Overnight cash advances are available… overnight?

You got it. By the time you apply for online cash advances, fast forward 24 hours and they will be there for you. And guess what? It matters not whether you want the cash in your checking or savings account, because many lenders will deposit the funds you need to either/or. It’s pretty tight. Want to learn more about these options? Sure you do. Check out more of our site in that case. Information and advice pertaining to cash advances and variations thereof are abundant here.

Delve in and take advantage. Strike while the going is good and while the iron is hot.